Barbet Gaia wins Best Baby Puppy

This past weekend in Canada Will took Theo (Barbochos Ricks) and Gaia (Ginkgo de Cleo Grantham Gaia) to the Guelph CKC show. This was both dogs and human Will’s first time at a conformation show. Will even handled Theo in the ring for the first time, too.

Theo earned 4 points by getting winners dog twice. Then, Gaia at her first and last opportunity to partake in the baby puppy group, took home Best Baby Puppy!

Thanks to Ivan, Amelia, and Dave for handling Gaia! I was not able to attend as I had to hold down the fort while Walter is in Guatemala.

gaia 1 gaia 2 gaia 3

Amelia and Gaia Video

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Huron and Hudson: Eight weeks of daily puppy photos

I’ve always wanted to photograph a newborn Barbet puppy daily to show how much they change in the 8-10 weeks they are with us. With the larger litters taking photos daily is low on the priority list. However, with our recent litter of Huron and Hudson, a daily photo was attainable and a great winter photography project.

Below is the slideshow of eight weeks of daily Huron and Hudson photos. In the series Huron is always on the left and Hudson always on the right.

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Barbet in Slow Motion

Around a foot of snow has fallen in the past week here in Indianapolis. Being snowed in,  we tend to have a lot of fun with our Barbet. The breed thrives in the powdery flakes. Every time we open the door to let them out they have such glee which we had to capture on slow mo video.

Below are our Barbet pack of Cinna, Gaia, Lia, Cleo, Isis, as well as Carolina who is the mom of Hudson and Huron.

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Huron and Hudson at 5 weeks of age

Having two puppies in a litter has been an amazing experience. The two butterballs are  the happiest Barbet pups we’ve ever had. Once they see their dog mom Cara or us humans their tails start wagging like mad. As always, it seems like time passes far too quickly as they are now 5 weeks old. Another novel experience will be both boys are are staying within 2 hours of us.

hudson huron walter-1 hudson huron-1

We are so thankful to Biscay Water Dogs in letting us use Ursus di Barbochos Reiau De Provenco as the sire. This chap has traveled a long way and we are so thankful for the opportunity to preserve his historic lineage in America.

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Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco Ursus x Ginkgo de Cleo Carolina’s Puppies were born

Mid day on Saturday January 17th, 2015 Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco Ursus and CKC Ch. Ginkgo de Carolina’s puppies were born. There are 2 males, Hudson and Huron. The boys alongside their new Mom, Cara, are happy, and healthy. These two special boys are spoken for and not available.  More photos of these two handsome fellows will come in the weeks ahead.

Barbet Puppies hudson huron (1 of 1) Barbet Puppies hudson huron 2 Barbet Puppies hudson huron 3

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Two Barbet compete at the 2014 Eukanuba AKC FSS Open Dog Show

On December 12th, 2014 two grand pups from our spring “F” Barbet litter attended the Eukanuda AKC FSS open show on December 12th, 2014. Pups Flora and Fiona are offspring from Cinna and Isis.

It was the second AKC show for Barb with Fiona and first for Ellen with Flora . Fiona earned 2 Best of Breed and got a 2nd and 3rd in group (out of 8-9 dogs). I’m so thrilled to see our Ginkgo offspring participate in AKC events. It is SO important we Barbet owners in America get our Barbet involved. Kudos to Barb and Ellen on your participation.

I hope to attend next year’s show as to partake in the AKC FSS open shows as well as cheer on Barbet in agility, dock dogs, and conformation shows.

flora and fiona Eukanuba dec 12 fiona Eukanuba dec 12 fiona and flora

fiona ribbons

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Barbet Capri in Texas earned her Therapy Dog Title

We couldn’t be more proud of Barbet Capri and her owner Molly! The two have been volunteering through the years partaking in therapy visits. In mid December Molly and Capri had enough visits to earn their AKC Therapy Dog title. Capri will follow in her Uncle Tug’s footsteps as he was the first Barbet to earn a Therapy Dog title.

Congrats to Capri and Molly! We couldn’t be happier and more proud of all the work these two have done. Kudos!

Capri is from our 2011 Thanksgiving Cleo x Disco litter. Her sister, Carolina, also has a CKC conformation title.

akc therapy dog capri

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Time to say goodbye– Barbet Puppies at 8 weeks of age

It is always hard to say goodbye. Every litter the time passes too quickly. We find at 8 weeks of age, the pups become little dogs. Then, it is apparent they are ready to travel to their new families to commence the family bond and training.

This last week was particularly interesting as my husband went on his bi-annual non profit Guatemala trip while I wo-maned the fort with 14 Barbet and 1 Chihuahua. It was hard work but fun as I devoted all my time with the pups and adults.

Cleo and George’s litter has been a treat. The combination of Polish/Canadian and Dutch/Finish Barbet lines were spectacular in their similarities. We are very thankful to Biscay Water Dogs in Canada and Quaciendas in Holland for Cleo and George. Below are their 8 week portraits along with what cities they will reside.

Gaston Georgii – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Garnet – Michigan

Georgia on my mind – Racine Wisconsin

Garrison Henry – Berkley, California

Gallifrey Mabel – Richmond, Virginia

Grey Stoke Gigi – Louisville, Kentucky

Gaia – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Galena – Texas

Lady Grantham Gaia – Indianapolis, Indiana

To see more images of the pups outside as well as their  8 weeks of images check out our facebook American Barbet page.


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Cleo and George’s Barbet puppies at 6 weeks of age

Time sure flies by when you have puppies. It seems they are helpless little nursing pups then all of a sudden they are running back and forth with sharp puppy teeth.

Cleo and George’s pups are now 6 weeks of age and full of sass and spunk. We’ve doubled their puppy run from our sun room into the living room. They’ve begun to go outside as well. It is all such an adventure to them. Here are their 6 week photos taken Sunday. They still have some of their tuna/softened puppy kibble on their noses.

Lady Grantham (female gray/no ribbon)

Galena (female yellow ribbon)

Gaston (male blue ribbon)

Georgia (female brown/pink dot ribbon)

Gaia (female orange ribbon)

Garnet (male red ribbon)

Gallifrey (female purple ribbon)

Garrison (male light green ribbon)

Grey Stoke (female dark green ribbon)

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Eli- First Barbet to earn an Agility Title in the AKC

Tracey has been such an amazing Barbet owner/member of our “Ginkgo” family. From our first conversations, she said she would be the first to title a Barbet in Agility in the AKC and a few years later, she accomplished her goal. I couldn’t be more proud of the two and can not wait to attend (and photograph!) a match in the winter. Eli is the first of our offspring to have titled in a non conformation show. His sister, Ellie, is sure to follow Eli’s paw prints in 2015 as Lynn has been working hard in training with Ellie in Rally and Agility. I’m so so proud of our “E” litter!

From Owner Tracey: “Our Boy Gingko De Cleo Easton “Eli” an offspring of Cleo & Chouffe started his agility and obedience training early (around 9 weeks old to be exact) has been progressing very nicely to say the least. Eli has just completed his Novice Jumpers with Weaves and his Novice Standard titles in record time. He has also completed a leg for each of his Open titles. All of which has been accomplished at a mere 17 months old! Not bad considering he couldn’t actually start competing until he was 15 months old. Near as we can tell, Eli is the first Barbet to not only compete in an AKC agility event but also to earn an agility title! Interest in Eli and this wonderful breed continues with each outing. We simply cannot thank Stacy and Walter enough for their confidence and support in entrusting us with this beautiful boy!”

barbet eli agility

barbet eli agility2 barbet eli agility3

photo credit: springfield photography

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