Barbet Cleo, Cara, and Domino go to Canada

The first weekend of December, Barbet Cleo, her daughter Carolina, Domino, and I traveled to the Brantford & District Kennel & Obedience Club’s CKC show.  Cleo, aka Teacleopatra Biscay’s Sapphire, won winners bitch and best of opposite in breed on Friday and Saturday. The Peppers/The Friendly Barbet won Winners Bitch on Sunday. Cleo is over half way there for her CKC championship! This was Carolina’s first CKC show and Domino’s second, and they both improved each time in the ring. We look forward to continuing in CKC shows in 2014.

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Ginkgo de Cleo Carolina aka Barbet Cara

Barbet Cara is from our Thanksgiving 2011 litter which were born 2 years ago on November 24th. We have had the pleasure to dog sit her for a month as her owner has been traveling for work. Cara has been a joy to have. She is much like her  mother, Cleo, and very loving. She also has the exuberance of a puppy. Appearance wise, she favors her father, Disco, with a strong stance, solid black hair with big curls.

We will be taking Cara to some CKC shows this winter and she will be working on her CGC exam then therapy training and eventually visits with her owner, Diane.

Below are some images we took on her birthday. Being she is a solid black Barbet, I utilized some off camera studio lighting as well as bribing Cara to stand still. I quite like the results.


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Barbet Isis earns her AKC RN (Rally Novice) Title

This past weekend, Isis (Treasures Biscays Sapphire), and I attended the Muncie Obedience Training Club’s Rally Trial. We signed up for the morning and afternoon Rally Novice A trials. In our first trial, Isis and I scored a 93 which earned us a second place out of 6 entered dogs. During our afternoon trial, Isis and I earned a 99 which gave her a 1st place out of the 6 dogs entered. These were qualifying scores that earned Isis her Rally Novice (RN) title.

With her RN title we will ramp up our training in preparation for Advanced A trials we will attempt next year. These trials are all off leash so will require the utmost attention from Isis. We look forward to working with her throughout the winter as she really enjoys the one on one attention and training as she wants to please. Such is the Barbet!

Pre trial practice

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Happy Halloween from Barbet Lucy

Barbet Lucy is living the good life in San Diego California. Like her brother, Eli, her owners report she is very athletic. They sent updated photos and being it is Halloween, she is appropriately dressed as a pumpkin. Hopefully she will get to trick or treat with her mini humans.

barbet lucy barbet lucy 3 barbet lucy 4 barbet lucy 5

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Barbet Eli in Agility Class

Barbet Eli, formerly Easton, is from our May 2013 Cleo and Chouffe litter. Eli is nearing 6 months of age and his owner, Tracey, has been taking him along with his dog sibling Jack to agility classes. Tracey reports “He’s the most advanced puppy in his class. Doing really well in obedience and agility.”

Check out Eli at work in agility class below. You can see in the images how happy Eli is which shows how much the Barbet love to learn and work.

barbet agility eli barbet agility eli 2 terrier jack

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Barbet Thunus Georgii in Alexandria

Quaciendas Thunus Georgii, or Georgii to his family, is doing very well living in Alexandria, Virginia. This past weekend we had the opportunity to spend a few days with he and his humans as we were photographing a wedding in Washington DC. While there, I took some photos of Georgii, who is quite the diligent retriever. We look forward to bringing him to shows this winter in Canada. Barbet Georgii French Water Dog    barbet georgii in america 5barbet georgii in america 4barbet georgii in america 3

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Barbet Pierre’s Story as told by his human

Pierres Storypierre Barbet puppy

Little Pierre, formerly Emrey, has a wonderful family in Oklahoma. His petite human owner even wrote a story about him which you can see above and her parents kindly let me share it with you. Enjoy!

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Stafford Virginia AKC FSS Open Show

In late July, Walter and I traveled with 3 Barbet pups in tow whom were going to their families on the east coast. Another item on our agenda was to partake in a AKC FSS Open show in Stafford, Virginia. There was an impressive entry of 7 Barbet whom competed in 5 AKC FSS/Misc shows. Two who participated, Taylor with Barbet Dawson, and my sister in law Nancy with Thunus were first timers to AKC Dog shows. I’m extremely proud of them as they each took turns handling their Barbet in the ring.

I showed Thunus, Isis, and Disco at various times and worked on improving my handling skills. Isis even won Best of Breed and Group three. The photos below were taken by Walter. Enjoy!


Picture 1 of 13

Congratulations to all who participated! Special thanks to The Barbet Club of America whom graciously sponsored the rosettes and trophies.

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Barbet Isis placed Second in Rally Novice A

rally novice a barbet isisThis past weekend was my local Kennel Club of Columbus Indiana AKC Show. I ring stewarded Sunday morning as well as entered Barbet Isis in the afternoon Rally Novice A. Isis and I earned second place with a score of 84 which is her second qualifying score. As always I was nervous but my training class and trainer were ring stewarding so it was wonderful to have a cheering section.

rally novice a barbet isis 2The judge commented on how happy Isis was during the competition. Through the course, Isis continuously wagged her tail and really enjoys having a job. We plan on continuing in Rally this winter as my photography schedule slows down and allows me to go to dog shows. You can see Isis on the right with her new ribbons which is the “hold” command we are working on currently.


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Barbet Carlos Swimming

Barbet Carlos, who usually resides in Brooklyn NY and is a son of Cleo and Disco’s Thanksgiving 2011 litter, went on a summer vacation recently. While on break, he was able to get some swimming in alongside the family who was dog sitting him.

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