Barbet Puppies: Isis and Cinna’s pups at 4 weeks of age

Time is flying by as it always does watching puppies grow into little dogs. Isis and Cinna’s Barbet puppies are now 4 weeks old and full of life. They wake up wide eyed and ready to play. Teeth are starting to come in, so soon we will be giving them puppy mosh.

Here are their 4 week photos. No easy task, as my photo assistant, Walter, is away in Guatemala.

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Happy Birthday to Ginkgo de Cleo’s “E” Litter

One year ago we welcomed Cleo’s second litter into the world. It was quite the litter being we had used Chouffe, a dutch male, as the sire.  To my knowledge, everyone is doing well and I hope to post updated litter photos of them all shortly.
Cleo "E" litter | Barbet Puppies by Stacy Able Photography

Here is Essie enjoying her 1st birthday at the lake:

Barbet dog photo

Handsome brother Webster with his birthday hat:Barbet Webster

Lucy strutting her stuff:

barbet in america :lucy

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Ginkgo de Isis F Litter now have their kennel names

Our Ginkgo “F” kennel names have been assigned to Cinna x Isis’s litter born April 7th, 2014. Without further ado, we are happy to introduce:: Finn, Felicity, falcon, fenway, firenze, flora, Fulton, fae, & florin. Our theme as always are places from literary and actual cities, states, etc.

Barbet puppies in America

American barbet puppies F litter

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Barbet Puppies Have Arrived!

Cinna and Isis’s Barbet Puppies have arrived! They were born April 7th from 5am to 2pm. In total we have 9 Barbet puppies with 5 girls (4 brown, 1 black) and 4 boys (2 brown, 2 black). Everyone is doing well and gaining weight nicely. Isis is being such a wonderful mom with natural instincts kicking in like we’ve never seen before in her. Below are photos taken when the pups were 2 days of age.

All of the puppies are spoken for. Check back soon for more photos!

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Barbet participate in AKC FSS GBGVCA Open Show in Kanses City Missouri

What a fun and interesting weekend we had in Kansas City, Missouri as part of The Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen Club of America four AKC Open Shows, for all AKC Miscellaneous and Foundation Stock Service Breeds. The show was held March 13 -16, 2014 in conjunction with the Heart of America Clusters part of the Heart of the America Kennel Club, INC.

Cinna, Disco, Cara, Daytona and Ellie were all entered in the AKC FSS Open shows held by the GBVB Club of America. Paula with Biscay Water Dogs traveled 15+ hours to attend. Lynn Parker with Gingko de Cleo Ellis (Ellie) traveled 12+ hours from Detroit as well. It was Lynn’s first time handling, too and I’m very proud of her and Ellie.

All 4 days, Cinna won Best of Breed, and 2 of those days he went on to win Best of FSS and placed 2nd in Group overall. I handled Cinna and Cara and gained a bit more confidence in handling at shows but still have a long way to go.

Cara won BOS day 1, Daytona won BOS day 2 and 3, and Ellie won BOS day 4.

It was a great time learning and taking part in this show as everyone at the Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen Club of America were so helpful and nice. Not to mention the weather was wonderful too!

Barbet French Water Dog AKC FSS Open Show

Picture 1 of 12

Barbet French Water Dog AKC FSS Open Show


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Barbet puppies make canvas art

Last summer, Can CH Teacleopatra Biscay’s Sapphire (aka Cleo) and Quaciendas Chouffe Cristaline produced an across the ocean litter of 8 Barbet puppies born May 6th, 2013. Throughout our 10 years of Barbet adventures, I have tried to creatively capture the puppies and adults dogs personalities on film. However, this batch of Barbet puppies, in addition to taking their weekly portraits,  we decided to let the puppies create their own paw print art.

With help of Audra and Leah, the Barbet puppy canvas art came alive. We started with each puppy, cleaning their paws, and trimming their toe/paw hair to get a clean paw print. Then, we used child safe paint, carefully painted the puppies paws, and let the fun begin.

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Barbet Puppies Expected in April!

Exciting news!!! Barbet puppies are to be born in America from American Barbet / Ginkgo in early April 2014. The parents that were bred are my beloved: CKC CH. Cinna Di Barbochos Reaiu De Prouvenco CGC and AKC-BIS CKC CH. Treasures Biscay’s Sapphire RN (Isis).

We decided the litter they produced two years ago resulted in really nice Barbet puppies who are doing therapy dog work, hunting training, conformation, and so forth. Isis’s determination, strength, and intelligence matched by Cinna’s calm, sweet, happy manner we feel are the perfect combination.

Barbet Cinna - Barbet in America French Water DogIsis- Barbet French Water Dogs This litter is entirely spoken for; however, we are planning a litter later in 2014 and are considering families for our wait list. Please email me to begin the conversation.

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A Barbet in Brooklyn

Barbet Carlos, from our 2011 Thanksgiving Cleo x Disco litter, is a resident of Brooklyn, NY. His family sends me some of the best updates not to mention are one of the Barbet Ambassador families in the area introducing many to the Barbet breed. I particularly enjoy a recent birthday update photo of Carlos and his little humans with the iconic Brooklyn Bridge as a backdrop. Thank you to Carlos’s family for being such a great Barbet family.

barbet carlos brooklyn ny

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A new CKC Champion in the Ginkgo/Biscay Family

We have a new CKC Champion in the Ginkgo/Biscay Family! Momma Cleo Bear just won her CKC title this past weekend up in Canada much thanks to Biscay Water Dogs breeder Paula Ballak, agent/handler Amelia Ballak, and handler Ivan Fabina. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend being I was photographing a wedding in Guatemala. These three’s handling skills, support, and cheering bought Cleo her title! Such an honor to her puppies and Barbet as Cleo was shown in a natural coat.

Below is a the professional photo with handlers Ivan and Amelia. Also, a video of Cleo at the show with Paula. Thanks to Judy Preston in taking and letting me share video!

barbet dog cleo ckc championship photo

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Hip Hip Hooray: Barbet Carolina has Excellent Hips

Ginkgo de Cleo Carolina, also known as Cara, was visiting us this past December to attend her first CKC shows. During her visit, we took her to our vet for her hip and elbow exams as she had just turned two. The vet thought they looked good but did not give a grade as that is up to the OFA to determine. A few weeks later, we received her grade and we’re proud to share that Barbet Cara’s hips earned an excellent hip score BA-64E24F-VPI. Her father, Disco, also has an excellent hip score which few Barbet have been graded as such. Her mother, Cleo, having done the OVC, Canadian, hip grade received a “pass” which could be fair/good/or excellent but they do not grade in that manor.

Barbet Excellent hips-- American barbet-- Ginkgo de Cleo Carolina

Barbet Excellent hips– American Barbet– Ginkgo de Cleo Carolina

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