Why Christmastime is Dangerous to Dogs & How You Can Protect Them

Why Christmastime is Dangerous to Dogs & How You Can Protect Them

One of the best things about Christmastime is indulging in so many delicious meals. From savory roasts to sweet treats, it’s worth the extra few pounds that often come with it. The member of the family with the best sense of smell – your dog – is often particularly excited by the holiday festivities. However, indulging can have much more dire consequences for your dog than gaining a little weight – certain foods can be fatal. What can you do to keep your dog safe, besides erecting the biggest and best dog fence ever made around the holiday dinner table? Here are some safety tips for dog owners to follow this holiday season.

Don’t Give Your Dog Table Scraps

The most foolproof safety rule to follow is to avoid giving your dog any table scraps whatsoever. In particular, you should never feed your dog anything containing alcohol, chocolate, or the sugar substitute xylitol. These substances are toxic to dogs even in small amounts – especially dark or unsweetened baking chocolate. Make sure you ask your guests to never leave their food or drinks unattended, and let them know your dog cannot eat anything other than dog food.

Macadamia nuts, grapes, raisins, coffee, and tea all contain components that can make your dog very sick. Fatty foods – especially gravy and turkey skin – can cause pancreatitis in dogs, which is a painful condition that can require hospitalization to treat. Bones can splinter and pierce your dog’s throat, intestines, or stomach lining. Uncooked meats can contain bacteria such as E. coli, and uncooked yeast dough can expand in your dog’s stomach, causing ruptures.

Any food that your dog isn’t used to can make them sick, so the best thing to do is keep your dog out of the kitchen entirely. If you need to, use a baby gate or an indoor invisible dog fence to prevent your dog from getting into the kitchen at all, especially while you’re cooking.

Keep All Food-Related Items Out-of-Reach

If something smells good to a dog, they’ll often eat it, and one of the most dangerous situations can arise if your dog ingests a non-food item. Your dog can choke, and non-food items can cause significant internal damage. If your dog survives, surgery may be required to repair the damage or remove the item. Be cautious with everything you use in food preparation or food storage, such as aluminum foil, plastic wrap, and meat twine or string. Throw these items directly into the outdoor garbage bin whenever possible. Because some dogs can knock over large trash cans, make sure the can isn’t inside your yard or electronic dog fence perimeter.

Beware of Other Edible Toxins

There are many other things that can be dangerous to your dog if ingested, so try to keep them out of your home entirely if possible. For example, common holiday plants that are toxic to dogs are poinsettias, holly (the entire plant and its berries), and mistletoe. If you have these plants in your home, at least make sure your dog cannot reach them, and remove any fallen leaves from the ground as soon as you notice them. Pine needles can also be toxic and dangerous, as they can cause stomach irritation or tears. Common decorations that are also toxic or dangerous include: essential oils, potpourri, lit candles, tinsel, and adhesives and glues.

If you have a live Christmas tree in your home, make sure your dog does not drink the water from the stand. Stagnant water breeds bacteria, and it will also collect the pesticides and chemicals that were used to grow the tree. Even artificial trees can be attractive for dogs to chew on, and they can contain toxins, too. Some dogs like to chew on electrical wires, so light strands can be dangerous as well. If your dog will not leave the Christmas tree alone, consider purchasing an electric fence for dogs that can be placed around your tree inside. An electronic dog fence will ensure your tree is off-limits without altering its appearance.

If you notice your dog acting strangely, or if your dog is obviously sick, call your local veterinarian’s office immediately. Your vet should have a number for emergencies that occur after hours, so make sure you know it, or get the number to the local animal hospital. If you see your dog ingest something toxic, call right away for instructions, even if they’re not exhibiting any signs of illness yet – being cautious and proactive can be the difference between life and death.

On a final note remember the risks associated to fireworks and having strangers coming in and out of your house. There are more dogs that go missing in December than any other month.

We prepared these tips with the help of Dog Fence DIY. For almost ten years they have provided dog owners with the most affordable option when it comes to electric dog fences. With fences costing upwards of $2,000 finding a high-quality and low cost fence provider is key to keeping your dog safe and your budget in check.


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Chihuahua Lola

It is with an extremely heavy heart to post that beloved little Chihuahua Lola has passed. She was my Clemson college dog, my travel buddy, snuggle champion, and had a huge personality. Her loss leaves a huge hole in my home and heart.


lola (1 of 1)

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Fall explorations with the Pied Barbet and Piper

Being originally from California, the change of seasons is still fascinating. This past week, since our J pack of puppies have gone to their new homes, we’ve been having lots of fun with our new Barbet pack members Quinn (Outdoors Durango), Allora (von der Leibrücke), and great grand puppy Piper (Zora Biscay’s Fairest D’Ginkgo).

Below are some photos of the three on adventures around Indianapolis. IMG_6851 IMG_7397 IMG_7444 IMG_7500 IMG_7510

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Happy Birthday Barbet G Litter

A very happy 1st Birthday to our CKC CH. Quaciendas Thunus Georgii x CKC CH TeaCleoPatra Biscay’s Sapphire (Cleo) litter born on October 19, 2014.Our “G” team litter consists of: Georgia, Henry, Indy, Maebel, Zelda, Atticus, Charles, Lily, and Gaia.

We are amused daily by Gaia whom we kept from the litter. Her quirks include, staring at squirrels for hours on end, she plays a mean game of frisbee, and she’ll put both paws on me when she feels I need a break form working. She has participated in some CKC shows this past summer and hopefully we continue in 2016.

We couldn’t be more thankful for their continued health and happiness. Here are some recent photos of our G pups.
Atticus:atticus one year

Charles:charles one year
Gaiagaia one year
Georgiageorgia one year2
zelda one year

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Away they go: Barbet puppies go to their new families

Having puppies is such a roller coaster of emotions for us. From our excitement to meet them when they are born, the worry we have about their growth and health, the laughter from their puppy antics, to the love we have for them is all so rewarding. To then bring this love to new families makes it all worthwhile.

This past weekend, our Ginkgo J pack went home with their new families. The smiles on the families faces melted our hearts and uplifted our spirits. We couldn’t be more thankful to add these new families to our Ginkgo Barbet pack.

This litter was particularly poignant as the day before the pack turned 8 weeks of age, our sweet little Java Bean passed away from pneumonia complications. We spent so much time, love, and attention in getting her through her hurdles. Her departure broke our hearts. We had thought she had finally gotten better and was growing at a normal pace. However, mother nature knew what was best. She will forever be missed as she brought so much light, laughter, and love to our lives. Rest in peace our sweet beloved little Bean.

J Pack -2 J Pack -5 J Pack -6 J Pack -10 J Pack -17 J Pack -19 J Pack -20 J Pack -22 J Pack -26 J Pack -27 J Pack -30 J Pack -32 J Pack -33 J Pack -39 J Pack -41 J Pack -43 J Pack -54

J Pack -28
The last photo of our dear little bean. We miss you so much.

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Barbet Puppy Photo Update

Our nine Carolina and Cinna puppies are nearly 4 weeks of age now. Time seems to go by far to quickly when you have Barbet pups to care for. Soon the pack will start to ween as well as explore outside of their whelping box. We can’t wait to take photos of them exploring the falling leaves.

barbet pups-42
barbet pups-43 barbet pups-46 barbet pups-47 barbet pups-49 barbet pups-52 barbet pups-54 barbet pups-55 barbet pups-56 barbet pups-57 barbet pups-60 barbet pups-61 barbet pups-62

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A Barbet Boook: THE BARBET REVEALED. Getting under the curls of the ancient French water dog

To me, there is only one factual, non self promotional book, on the Barbet breed. The book is titled THE BARBET REVEALED. Getting under the curls of the ancient French water dog. You can order it from the Netherlands via their website. 

It is well worth it with gorgeous images of Barbet from around the world.

barbet book

THE BARBET REVEALED. Getting under the curls of the ancient French water dog. – See more at: http://barbetbook.com/#sthash.Wlf2ShfE.dpuf
THE BARBET REVEALED. Getting under the curls of the ancient French water dog. – See more at: http://barbetbook.com/#sthash.Wlf2ShfE.dpuf

THE BARBET REVEALED. Getting under the curls of the ancient French water dog. – See more at: http://barbetbook.com/#sthash.Wlf2ShfE.dpuf
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An Ursus female pup comes to America

Meet “great grand puppy” Zora Biscay’s Fairest d’Ginkgo (now Piper) from CKC Ch. Ginkgo de Treasures Daytona x CKC Ch. Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco Ursus. She came to us from Biscay Water Dogs and resides with us part time as well as with Marcia in Southern Indiana. We are so excited and honored to continue Ursus’ lineage with Piper.

zora-1 zora-2 zora-3 zora-4 zora-5 zora-6

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Two new Pied Barbet in America

On August 31st, our Ginkgo / American Barbet pack added two new Dutch members. Their family names are Quinn and Allora.

Quinn is from the Outdoors Kennel and his kennel name is Outdoors Durango
Allora is from Von der Leibrucke Kennel and her kennel name is: Kiki von der Leibrücke

We are having a blast with the pair! Thank you Astrid and Walda in trusting us with these beautiful pied Barbet babies.

pups-8 pups-12 pups-18 pups-21 pups-24 pups-56 pups-58

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Welcome to the world Barbet Puppies

Carolina (CKC CH. Ginkgo de Cleo Carolina) x Cinna (CKC CH. Cinna Di Barbochos Reaiu De Prouvenco CM CGN CGC) welcomed 9 Barbet puppies into the world on Sunday August 23rd, 2015. There are 4 females and 5 males. Carolina is being a caring mom much like her mother Cleo was.

The puppies are marvelous. They are growing at a healthy rate and their eyes/ears will open soon. It is always a beautiful adventure in whelping and raising a litter of Barbet. All puppies are spoken for.

cara cinna pups week 1-14 cara cinna pups week 1-4 cara cinna pups week 1-31 cara cinna pups week 1-25cara cinna pups week 1-24 cara cinna pups week 1-40 cara cinna pups week 1-50

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