American Barbet’s First “Grand puppy” CKC Champion

This past weekend was a busy one for American Barbet. Several of our Barbet were being shown in Canada as well as the United States. Three of my girls from various litters, Daytona, Ellie, and Cara were at a Sporting Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) show in Canada. While we were at the Stafford, Virginia AKC FSS open show with Cinna, Cleo, Thunus/George, and Isis.

The first big win came on Saturday for Daytona. She got best of opposite and best of winners which completed her CKC championship. This is a American Barbet first! Daytona is the first of our progeny to earn her CKC champion title. I also can not forget to mention Bric was our first to earn his UKC Championship title.daytona ckc championship

Cara was at the show as well and earned her first ever Best of Breed in group. Lynn, owner of Ellie, handled Cara for her BOB. I’m super proud of Lynn as this is the first year she’s shown in dog shows and is doing great! Cara is now over half way towards her CKC championship.cara bob ckc


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Barbet in NYC

A few weeks ago I ventured to New York City for a photography assignment. While there, I was fortunate to meet up with three Barbet families. The first was Laurie who owns Lia’s uncle Archie whom she got from my sister in law Susan 10 years ago. Laurie gave me a wonderful tour of the west village and high line. Later that evening after the photo shoot, I was able to meet up with Barbet Carlos and family in Brooklyn. They and Carlos were a delight to visit and catch up with. The following day, I met up with Barbet Webster and owner Cristina for lunch. Both Carlos and Webster, both from Cleo litters, impressed me with their city dog skills. Both were curious about the city but well acclimated to the sights, sounds, and smells of city life. Kudos to their humans in the training and socialization they underwent with their Barbet pup. New York City is a vast difference for Barbet puppies compared to their beginnings in quiet Indiana.

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Barbet Cinna and Isis’s “F” Pack’s new humans

People always ask if it is hard to say good bye to the puppies, and our response is always yes and no. Yes, because we miss the daily cuteness, laughs, and joy the pup squeaks bring into our day. Then no, because the adult Barbet are ready to have their routine and regular adoration back. Right before the litter goes we have a misty eyed moment, then am ready to meet the new owners. We are excited to bring such joy, love, and laughter into the new Barbet families homes. Weeks, months, and years later, when we receive photo and story updates from the Barbet puppy families, we are reminded why we breed Barbet.

Here are the pups with their forever homes

Fae aka Scout went to North Carolina with the Courtenay. Fun fact, the Griffin’s son, Taylor, has Dawson, who is a 2 year old full sibling to Scout.

Florin aka Fiona went to Barb in Zionsville, Indiana. This is the third Barbet pup of ours to stay in Indiana!

Fenway aka Indi went with Eva, John, and their three lovely sons in New York City and Connecticut. They named him Indi, after Indiana, which the Latin root of Indiana is divine.

Fulton aka Fin went to Beth and family in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. Beth’s brother and sister in law own Barbet Carlos in Brooklyn whom they fell in love with.

Felicity aka Piper went with Kara and family in the Twin City area. They met with Barbet Coco and Kona awhile back and have been patiently waiting for Piper.

Flora went with Ellen to Palm Beach Gardens in Florida. Ellen works tirelessly rescuing dogs and is a breeder of Bulldogs.

Firenze aka Zoe went with Marla/Dr. Nikki to the suberbs of Detroit. She will be fostered with Marla’s family for 9 months whom will begin her service dog training.

Falcon aka Scout went via my mom to LAX whom met up with Tricia eventually making it to the Bay Area. Tricia already has Barbet Cody, a half sibling to Falcon and full sibling to my Lia.

Finn went with Lori and family to the Detroit Suburbs. He will have toy poodles as brothers and twin human siblings.

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Congrats to CH Ginkgo de Amelia Bric Anum Chara on his Best in Show

Congratulations to CH Ginkgo de Amelia Bric Anum Chara on his Best in Show at the United Barbet Kennel Club UKC 2014 Premier Specialty. Bric is owned by Lynn Vogt-Kinsey and Leslie Woodward and is the offspring of Ginkgo de Xelaju Amelia (aka Lia) and Sir Duke Biscay’s Royal Ruby aka Jacques. Handled by Leslie, Bric came from the Champion class. The Reserve Champion went to CH Nuphar’s Gift Wrapped to HTF, owned and shown by Judy Descutner. Best Male and RBIS was won by Poppenspalers Ichiban, owned by Florence Erwin and Veronica Matthews, and shown by Veronica. Judge: Sharon Griffin.

bric and leslie

CH Ginkgo de Amelia Bric Anum Chara, Best in Show at our 2014 Premier Specialty

We wish we could have attended. Hopefully next year. Congrats to all participants for participating.

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Cinna x Isis “F” pack Barbet puppies at 8 weeks of age

It’s been a hectic few weeks. We bought a new house in Indianapolis, moved with the puppies, and wedding season started. I can’t recommend anyone undertake all of that at once. However, the new home is much closer to the airport; therefore, much easier for puppy families to pick up their Barbet puppies. So, it all works out in the end.

The pups from this litter went to: New York City, Twin Cities, Detroit suburbs, San Francisco area, Zionsville Indiana, Palm Beach Gardens Florida, Wilson North Carolina, and Brwn Mawr Pennsylvania.

Here are their photos from right before they went home. In my next post I’ll share their images with their new families.

Starting out with a Barbet yawn from Finn:

puppy yawn-- finn
Fae aka Scout

Florin aka Fiona

Fenway aka Indi

Fulton aka Fin

Felicity aka Piper


Firenze aka Charity



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Cinna and Isis’s Barbet puppies at 5 weeks of age

Cinna and Isis’s Barbet puppies are 5 weeks of age now and full of life. They seem to be doubling in size every week now. Luckily, Walter has returned from his voluntourism trip, and is helping me with the rambunctious pack. Here are some updated photos of our pack of 9.


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AKC FSS GBGVCA Open Show in Kanses City Missouri- Official Photos

Official show photos have come back from the The Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen Club of America four AKC Open Shows, for all AKC Miscellaneous and Foundation Stock Service Breeds. The show was held March 13 -16, 20 in Kansas City Missouri.

Barbet Show AKC FSS PhotoI am SO very proud of Lynn with Ellie. This was Lynn’s first time handling and the team did magnificent together. By day 4 they both looked fantastic out there. Kudos to you Lynn (and Thank you!).

Barbet Show AKC FSS Photo

Here I am above with Cinna. He was such a rock and therapy dog for me that week as my father had passed away suddenly. Barbet are so wonderful in times of grief as they really understand what the human needs. Of course I am proud of his wins but I’m more thankful to have him as my best friend.

Special thanks to Paula/Dave/Lynn in traveling from Detroit and outer Toronto area to attend this great show. Also in putting up with me!

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Barbet Puppies: Isis and Cinna’s pups at 4 weeks of age

Time is flying by as it always does watching puppies grow into little dogs. Isis and Cinna’s Barbet puppies are now 4 weeks old and full of life. They wake up wide eyed and ready to play. Teeth are starting to come in, so soon we will be giving them puppy mosh.

Here are their 4 week photos. No easy task, as my photo assistant, Walter, is away in Guatemala.

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Happy Birthday to Ginkgo de Cleo’s “E” Litter

One year ago we welcomed Cleo’s second litter into the world. It was quite the litter being we had used Chouffe, a dutch male, as the sire.  To my knowledge, everyone is doing well and I hope to post updated litter photos of them all shortly.
Cleo "E" litter | Barbet Puppies by Stacy Able Photography

Here is Essie enjoying her 1st birthday at the lake:

Barbet dog photo

Handsome brother Webster with his birthday hat:Barbet Webster

Lucy strutting her stuff:

barbet in america :lucy

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Ginkgo de Isis F Litter now have their kennel names

Our Ginkgo “F” kennel names have been assigned to Cinna x Isis’s litter born April 7th, 2014. Without further ado, we are happy to introduce:: Finn, Felicity, falcon, fenway, firenze, flora, Fulton, fae, & florin. Our theme as always are places from literary and actual cities, states, etc.

Barbet puppies in America

American barbet puppies F litter

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