Barbet in NYC

A few weeks ago I ventured to New York City for a photography assignment. While there, I was fortunate to meet up with three Barbet families. The first was Laurie who owns Lia’s uncle Archie whom she got from my sister in law Susan 10 years ago. Laurie gave me a wonderful tour of the west village and high line. Later that evening after the photo shoot, I was able to meet up with Barbet Carlos and family in Brooklyn. They and Carlos were a delight to visit and catch up with. The following day, I met up with Barbet Webster and owner Cristina for lunch. Both Carlos and Webster, both from Cleo litters, impressed me with their city dog skills. Both were curious about the city but well acclimated to the sights, sounds, and smells of city life. Kudos to their humans in the training and socialization they underwent with their Barbet pup. New York City is a vast difference for Barbet puppies compared to their beginnings in quiet Indiana.

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