Away they go: Barbet puppies go to their new families

Having puppies is such a roller coaster of emotions for us. From our excitement to meet them when they are born, the worry we have about their growth and health, the laughter from their puppy antics, to the love we have for them is all so rewarding. To then bring this love to new families makes it all worthwhile.

This past weekend, our Ginkgo J pack went home with their new families. The smiles on the families faces melted our hearts and uplifted our spirits. We couldn’t be more thankful to add these new families to our Ginkgo Barbet pack.

This litter was particularly poignant as the day before the pack turned 8 weeks of age, our sweet little Java Bean passed away from pneumonia complications. We spent so much time, love, and attention in getting her through her hurdles. Her departure broke our hearts. We had thought she had finally gotten better and was growing at a normal pace. However, mother nature knew what was best. She will forever be missed as she brought so much light, laughter, and love to our lives. Rest in peace our sweet beloved little Bean.

J Pack -2 J Pack -5 J Pack -6 J Pack -10 J Pack -17 J Pack -19 J Pack -20 J Pack -22 J Pack -26 J Pack -27 J Pack -30 J Pack -32 J Pack -33 J Pack -39 J Pack -41 J Pack -43 J Pack -54

J Pack -28
The last photo of our dear little bean. We miss you so much.

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