Welcome to the world Barbet Puppies

Carolina (CKC CH. Ginkgo de Cleo Carolina) x Cinna (CKC CH. Cinna Di Barbochos Reaiu De Prouvenco CM CGN CGC) welcomed 9 Barbet puppies into the world on Sunday August 23rd, 2015. There are 4 females and 5 males. Carolina is being a caring mom much like her mother Cleo was.

The puppies are marvelous. They are growing at a healthy rate and their eyes/ears will open soon. It is always a beautiful adventure in whelping and raising a litter of Barbet. All puppies are spoken for.

cara cinna pups week 1-14 cara cinna pups week 1-4 cara cinna pups week 1-31 cara cinna pups week 1-25cara cinna pups week 1-24 cara cinna pups week 1-40 cara cinna pups week 1-50

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