Louisville Dog Show

This past Saturday, Walter and I went to the Louisville Kennel Club’s annual dog show in Kentucky. We were fortunate to meet up with two¬† grand puppies that day, Corbin and Carolina, who are around 4 months of age now. We hadn’t seen any of our grand puppies since they flew the coupe in March.

Barbet Carolina was a bundle of Barbet puppy joy and sibling Corbin was a a pretty mellow and happy guy. It was so sweet to see them play with each other as you can really tell they remember each other. A huge thank you to their owners, Lori and Diane, for bringing them to the show. We greatly appreciate it.

We didn’t stay for the entire show, but we did walk around the rings with the two pups to inaugurate them to the dog show world. The two will be participating in UKC and CKC shows sometime this year. Walter and I can’t wait to visit Louisville again as we didn’t get the chance to see our other grand puppy, Cali, and Louisville is a pretty cool city to explore, too.

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