Barbet Puppy Photo Project: Domino’s Holiday photo

Since June, I’ve been working on a photo project with Barbet puppy Domino. She was one of the 13 born on June 7th, 2012 with us at American Barbet. Although I won’t be displaying all of her photos right now, I’ll happily share one of her holiday themed photos including the set up and not so successful shots. Even though I am a professional photographer, that doesn’t mean every shot I take is perfect– it’s all a balance between camera, light, and the subject, and today’s subject, Domino, was not all that thrilled wearing a holiday bow.

Also it being the holiday season and all, Walter and I want to express our gratitude to all our Barbet families and friends we’ve been blessed to know through the years. It’s been a great journey and we look forward to what 2013 will bring.


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