Barbet Isis placed Second in Rally Novice A

rally novice a barbet isisThis past weekend was my local Kennel Club of Columbus Indiana AKC Show. I ring stewarded Sunday morning as well as entered Barbet Isis in the afternoon Rally Novice A. Isis and I earned second place with a score of 84 which is her second qualifying score. As always I was nervous but my training class and trainer were ring stewarding so it was wonderful to have a cheering section.

rally novice a barbet isis 2The judge commented on how happy Isis was during the competition. Through the course, Isis continuously wagged her tail and really enjoys having a job. We plan on continuing in Rally this winter as my photography schedule slows down and allows me to go to dog shows. You can see Isis on the right with her new ribbons which is the “hold” command we are working on currently.


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