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The goal of “American Barbet” is to share our heartfelt love for the Barbet, an amazing breed.  They are our French Water Dog family and have opened up so many paths to encounter new friends and interesting adventures.

Barbet French Water Dog BreederThe dream of “American Barbet” came about after my first encounter with a Barbet puppy. My sister-in-law brought one of the first few Barbet back from Europe to America in 2000. That was Walter’s first encounter with Barbet, Luna. In 2004, Luna, had a litter of 8 Barbet puppies (the 3rd known Barbet litter born in America). My husband got the pick of that Barbet litter, Xelaju, who became his constant companion and shadow.Barbet dogs Barbets French Water Dog

When we did Barbet research online in 2004 we quickly discovered that there were very few websites in English. We began “American Barbet” to help English speaking North Americans find information about the breed and to promote the breed, not ourselves. Over time we applied for recognition of the Barbet within the American Kennel Club (AKC) Foundation Stock Service (FSS) program which is the first step in getting the Barbet full recognition in the American Kennel Club.

In conversations with Barbet owners all over the world, I was introduced to Cinna di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco, who became the second love of my life (after my husband of course).  In 2007 we had a rousing adventure meeting him in France and competing in the Bourg en Bresse dog show on the very same weekend.  The poor boy didn’t know us from a stranger and it was my first time showing a dog.  I did not speak or understand a word of French.  Yet, despite our limitations he trotted around the ring like a champ and emerged with the title of “best male puppy.”  His good nature and personality has us refer to him as the ambassador of the Barbet breed.  Most people who meet our Barbet, Cinna, immediately know why and many have offered to “keep him” for us whenever we are out of town.

Also, with the help of other Barbet owners and Barbet breeders,  we started the Barbet Fanciers breed club to help promote the health and safety of this amazing breed. Now called, The Barbet Club of America, which is for all Barbet owners and fanciers in America. You can see that Barbet club website at www.barbetclubofamerica.com

barbet-32Our first Barbet litter from Xela of 7, sired by D’Jackson (a male Barbet imported from Belgium), joined the world in 2006.  Our second litter of 6 Barbet puppies from Xela was in 2009 was sired by Cinna.  Our third Barbet litter bounded into life in 2011 from Amelia (Barbet Xela x Cinna’s Daughter) and Sir Duke (Jacques – a Canadian male Barbet import living in Connecticut). There were 5 Barbet born.  On Thanksgiving 2011 our Cleo (Canadian female Barbet import) had 11 Barbet puppies, sired by Disco, a Finnish import living in Canada. The day before my birthday on June 7th, 2012 Isis had a litter of 13 Barbet puppies sired by Cinna. The summer of 2013 brought us a litter of 8 Barbet puppies parented by Cleo and Chouffe (a Netherlands Barbet). Our last litter was the summer of 2014 of 9 Barbet sired by Cinna and Isis.

We chose our Barbet kennel name “Ginkgo”, as this is the first tree my husband taught me to identify. This name came a few years after we started the American Barbet website. We live in Indiana, have years of combined dog experience. My husband worked with wolves at Wolf Park in Northern Indiana. I am a Midwest professional wedding photographer which you can see my work at Stacy Able Photography.  Our Barbet make frequent appearances in my work.  In addition to our passion and love for the Barbet’ we also devote our time to assisting Guatemalan women and children improve their lives with Seeds of Help Foundation, Inc. which began and is still operated by my husband since 2000.

Currently, we have 4 Barbet in our home and co-own 5 Barbet with others, and our kennel/breeding name is Ginkgo:

CKC CH. Cinna Di Barbochos Reaiu De Prouvenco CM CGC CGN: imported from Francepuppy (1 of 1)-4
Ginkgo de Xelaju Amelia (Lia): Cinna x Xela born in America
CKC CH. Kiki von der Leibrücke (Allora): Imported from the Netherlands
CKC CH. Ginkgo de Cleo Grantham Gaia CGN (Gaia): Cleo x Thunus Georgii
CKC CH. Quaciendas Thunus Georgii (Thunus): Imported from the Netherlands (lives in DC)
CKC CH. Ginkgo de Teacleopatra Ellis NA NAJ (Ellie): Cleo x Chouffe (lives in Missouri)
CKC CH. Barbochos Ricks (Theo): Imported from Quebec (lives in Indianapolis)
Outdoors Durango (Quinn): Imported from the Netherlands (lives in Indianapolis)
Zora Biscay’s Fairest D’Ginkgo: CKC CR CH Ginkgo de Isis Daytona x Ursus di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco  (Lives in Columbus, Indiana)

Our retired Barbet:
CKC CH. Teacleopatra Biscay’s Sapphire (Cleo): imported from Canada. A full time PTSD service dog now.
AKC-BIS CKC CH. Treasures Biscay’s Sapphire RN (Isis): imported from Canada and
CKC CH. Ginkgo de Cleo Carolina (Cara): Cleo x Disco born in America

I wouldn’t call myself a breeder nor do I do this for a business, rather I am a devoted enthusiast of this Barbet breed who only wants to act in their best interest.  I strive to have the healthiest puppies go to the best of homes.

If you’d like more information on Barbet or to get on our Barbet puppy waiting list email me here.  Find us on facebook and “like” us.

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