American Barbet

Good to Meet You

The dream of “American Barbet” came about after my first encounter with a Barbet puppy. My sister-in-law brought one of the first few Barbet back from Europe to America in 2000. That was Walter’s first encounter with Barbet, Luna. In 2004, Luna, had a litter of 8 Barbet puppies (the 3rd known Barbet litter born in America). My husband got the pick of that Barbet litter, Xelaju, who became his constant companion and shadow.

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” —Josh Billings


This page is devoted to Barbet fanciers, owners, and clubs. These links are in no way comprehensive as there are more sites monthly. Many are in other languages, so I recommend using Google Translate:

Barbet Clubs/Associations in North America

Barbet Club of America
Barbet Fanciers Association of Ontario
Club Barbet Canada

Barbet blogs & Social Pages I check frequently:
American Barbet Blog (America)
Retrieverman’s Blog

Informational Articles, Photos, and Video
10 Simple Rules by Jane Anderson
Oodles of Doodles article by Naomi Kane
Diana the Huntress at RAMBOUILLET
Barbet l’histoire en francais

Moustache-Napoleon’s faithful companion

Chocolat Poulain – Barbet Pronatura France
Article in Newspaper (198.77 KB)
Dog World Magazine (721.64 KB)
Water Dog Comparison Pt. 1 (535.68 KB)
Water Dog Comparison Pt. 2 (109.15 KB)
Breeders of Rare Woolly Pooch Want Dog to Have Its Day (Wall Street Journal Article)

A few favorite international Barbet blogs (in no particular order)

Ezia Carrodena Zagone – La Corte Dei Berberi – ItalyCarmela Wyss – von Springbell – Switzerland | Aqualines | Clayhill Kennel | Barbet da Capo | Barbet de la Colline | Elaine Fichter – Vieux Barbet – France | Project Darius |  |Tomasz Targowski – Wierciapa – Poland | Barbet Luca | Barbet de l’Ile Romande | Von der leibrucke | Nova Foresta Barbet | Alex Los & Greet Los Romeijn – Quaciëndas – Netherlands  | Jacques Cyr – Barbochos Trois-Rivières – Canada | Piotr Piotrowski – Gorki Podduchownej – Poland |  Elisabeth Reber & Urs Jung – du Pré de Redy – Switzerland | Elisabeth Kempemo – Sweden and Netherlands | Paula Ballak – Biscay Waterdogs – Canada | Yatzie in Sweden | Loial D’Argo in Swede