Barbet in America

Friends of” American Barbet” aka Ginkgo Barbet and our grand puppies in America listbarbet-puppies-in-america-stacy-able-photography
  1. Stacy Able & Walter Able – Barbet Breeders and Owners in Indiana, (m) Cinna, (f) Amelia (Lia), (f) Cleo, (f) Isis, and co-own Cara(f), Ellie (f), Domino (f), and Thunus (m). Cinna was imported from France, Amelia (Lia) from the Xela  x Cinna litter in 2009, Cleo and Isis from Biscay’s Sapphires born in 2009, Cara from the Cleo x Disco 2011 litter, Domino from the Cinna x Isis 2012 litter, Ellie from the Cleo x Chouffe 2013 litter, and Thunus was imported from Holland in spring 2012.
  2. Loretta & Bob Lebar – New York. (m) D’Jackson, imported from Belgium.
  3. Holmes – New Hampshire. (m) C’Pepin from Xela’s 2007 litter.
  4. Michelle Steffen – Wisconsin. Imported Barbet in 90’s. Had 1st recorded litter in America.
  5. McAffee Family – Indiana. (m) C’Scrappy from Xela’s 1st litter in 2007.
  6. Susan Able– DC. (f) Luna (Lola) (passed away 2013) from Denmark in 2000. Had 3rd recorded Barbet litter in America with Esko of 8 in 2004.
  7. Thayer-Valiente Family– Boston, Massachusetts. (f) Sarafine du Talent de L’Etoile Noir (Lou Lou) from 2004.
  8. Alan, Laurie, Sam and Archie Stolowitz – Chappaqua, New York. (m) Archie from 2004.barbet-america-black-french-water-dog-photo
  9. Eaton Family – Virginia. (f) C’Zoe American litter 2007.
  10. Daniels Family – North Easton, Massachusetts. Canadian born Barbugaulois (m) C-Volkan (Cole) 2007.
  11. Klein Family – New Jersey. (m) C’Nandi from American litter 2007.
  12. Alan D. White – Utah. (m) Jack. Canadian born via Bluezorange in Canada.
  13. Simons Family – California. female.
  14. Suzanne Peck – Santa Barbara, California. female.
  15. Shari Pulcrano Childs – California. (m) Truman & (f) Anabelle.
  16. Denby Family – Illinois. (m) Esko (Up to Date, France) & (m) Finn 2004.
  17. Linda Ross – Arizona. (m) Griffin, from American litter 2007.
  18. Alan Mossbarger – Texas. (m) Boticelli (Strider) imported from Italy 2008.
  19. White Family- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (f) Ginkgo de Xelaju Ariel (Olive).
  20. Jodi Mondragon– Falls Church, Virginia. (m) Ginkgo de Xelaju Avila (Kai).
  21. Tricia & Robert Herkfens– San Juan, California. (m) Ginkgo de Xelaju Archimedes (Cody) & Ginkgo de Isis Falcon aka Scout
  22. Rakovitch Family– New Jersey. (m) Gingko de Xelaju Aslan (Tucker).
  23. Carolynn Howsley- Washintgon State. (m) Ginkgo de Xelaju Aristotle (Harry).
  24. Judy Descutner – Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Neigenuveaux’s Ermagarde (Claire), HTF’s Solene & Nuphar’s Nessa imported from Holland.
  25. Cardinale Matalon family – Peconic and Brooklyn, NY (m) Couraliee Candor (Canto).
  26. Schwartz Family – San Diego, California – (m) Gunner from Canada.
  27. Kunstler Family – New York (m) Ziggy imported from the Netherlands.
  28. Char and Bob Beck – Long Island, NY – (m) – Luca imported from the Netherlands.
  29. Hadfield Family – Chicago, Illinois – (f) Stella Artois a Canadian import from Barbochos3Rivieres.
  30. Stotz Family – Minneapolis, (f) Ginkgo de Amelia’s Basal (Coco) & (m) Ginkgo de Treasures Isis Denmark  (Kona).
  31. Vogt-Kinsey Family – Wisconsin – (m) Ginkgo de Amelia’s Brogan (Bric).
  32. McKesson Family – Wisconsin – (f) Ginkgo de Amelia’s Barcelona (Bella).
  33. Newkirk family – Greenbank, WA – (f) Libby from Neigenuveaux in Canada.barbet french water dog puppy yawn
  34. MacTaylor Clan – Salem, MA. (f) Biscay’s Sweetlea (Sheena).
  35. David – Newton, New Hampshire. (m) Biscay’s Stirling (Louie).
  36. Tim and Susan– Short Hills, NJ. (m) Biscay’s Sampson, (m) Biscay’s Wendell.
  37. Joanne – Buffalo, New York. (m) Biscay’s Sebastian (Finley).
  38. Robert and Pamela – New Jersey (m) Biscay’s Sasha (Chewy).
  39. Stuart & Lynn – Branford, Connecticut. (m) Biscay’s Sirduke (Jacques).
  40. Susan – Hood River, Oregon (m) Biscay’s Topher (Devlin).
  41. Lee and Fran- Woodmere, New York. (f) Biscay’s Talullah.
  42. Bill and Sherri – North Easton, Massachusetts. (m) Biscay’s Triton.
  43. Tracey Schnabel – New Jersey (m) Biscay’s Tolouse (Tug) &  (f) Good Day Sunshine (Shea) imported from France (2010).
  44. Elaine & Mel– New Hartford, Connecticut. (m) Biscay’s Tacoma (Coco).
  45. Fran and Lee –  Woodmere, New York. (f) Biscay’s Tallulah Belle.
  46. John and Lizanne– Summit, New Jersey. (m) Biscay’s Toffee (Gipper)
  47. Peter and Jennifer – Branford, Connecticut – (m) Biscay’s Tanner.
  48. Judith and Larry -Sammamish, Washington. (m) Boone and (f) Cigale (Imported from France).
  49. Marilyn and Dan – Gilroy, California. (f) Biscay’s Vellamo (Rosie).
  50. Lesley – Medford, Massachusetts – (f) Biscay’s Vogue (Lulu).
  51. Linda and David – Hartsdale, NY (m) Biscay’s Willbury (Willie)
  52. Katie – Lake Bluff, Illinois. (m) Biscay’s Thaos (Oliver) (m) & Biscay’s Wonders (Henri).
  53. Brooke Mason – Los Angeles, California (m) Biscay’s Waldemar (Henri)
  54. Victoria – Lakewood, Ohio (f) Biscay’s Wellesley (Wellie)
  55. Miki – South Orange, NJ (f) Biscay’s Winona (Maggie)
  56. Terry and Wendy – Spring, Texas.  (f) Biscay’s Wookie (Maizie), (f) Nelum Himalis Fransesca – imported from Finland
  57. Nancy and Steve – New Albany, Ohio (f) Biscay’s Xaria (Mollie)
  58. Natasha and Tim – Niskayuna, NY (m) Biscay’s Xander (Bentley)
  59. Alyssa and Kristian – Levittown, NY (m) Biscay’s Xufu (Ishka)
  60. Eric and Sharon Lori (Freedom Guide Dogs)- Cassville, NY. (m) Biscay’s William Wallace (Wally), (m) Biscay’s Xantara (Xanny)
  61. Gilbert Family – California (f) – Breugel’s Ann Queen Wilhelmina (Willa).barbet isis and barbet newborn puppies
  62. Bryan Family – Jacksonville, Florida – (f) Nappyroots Alouette imported from Canada.
  63. Ferrara Family –  Glen Cove, New York. (m) Hudson imported from the Netherlands.
  64. Hargiss Family – Florida – (m) – Yogi imported from France
  65. Hoagland Family – Louisville, KY – (f) Ginkgo de Cleo Cali
  66. Lee Family – Charleston, SC – (f) Ginkgo de Cleo Colorado (Summit)
  67. Kevin – Boulder, CO – (f) Ginkgo de Cleo Corsica (Athena)
  68. Dinnat Family – Louisiana – (f) Ginkgo de Cleo Cyprus (Paxx).
  69. McGinley Family – Arlington, Virginia – (m) Ginkgo de Cleo Cairo (Brody).
  70. Hutchinson Family – Charlotte, NC – (m) Ginkgo de Cleo Costa (Jake).
  71. Hanssens Family – Brooklyn, NY – (m) Ginkgo de Cleo Cuba (Carlos)
  72. Brooks Family – New Jersey. (m) Ginkgo de Cleo Charleston (Camden).
  73. Diane Dayne – Louisville, Kentucky. (f) Ginkgo de Cleo Carolina (Cara).
  74. Jon- Chicago, Illinois. (f) – Ginkgo de Treasures Isis Dixie (Maya).
  75. Pelc Family – Pao Alto, California. (m) Ginkgo de Treasures Isis Dijon (Mousse).
  76. Griffin – Washington, DC. (m) Ginkgo de Treasures Dawson.
  77. Abromowitz family – Dayton, Ohio. (m) Neigenuveaux’s Estevan (Zeus) &  Ohio. (m) Ginkgo de Treasures Isis Dayton (Beau).
  78. Davis Family – W. Palm Beach, Florida. (m) Ginkgo de Treasurses Isis Denver (Maggie)
  79. Brown – Seattle, Washington. (m) – Ginkgo de Treasures Isis Dex.
  80. Brasfield Family– Nashville, Tennessee. (f) Ginkgo de Treasures Isis Derby (Daisy).
  81. Will – Indianapolis, Indiana. (f) Ginkgo de Treasures Isis D’Clemson (Derby) & (m) Barbochoes Ricks (Theo).
  82. Grubbs Family – Maryland. (f) – Ginkgo de Treasures Isis Dakota (Lily).
  83. Kristen & Pierre – Ohio  (m) – Ginkgo de Treasures Isis Docker.
  84. Toma Family – New Jersey (m) Ginkgo de Cleo Edmen aka Websterbarbet french water dog daytona photo
  85. Knudtson Family – Oklahoma (m) Ginkgo de Cleo Emrey aka Pierre
  86. Cowal Family – Georgetown, DC (f) Ginkgo de Cleo Emae
  87. Green Family – San Diego, California. (f) Ginkgo de Cleo Eva aka Lucy
  88. Gage & Corissa – Los Angelos, California. (f) Ginkgo de Cleo Elora aka Luna
  89. Kirk Family – Cincinnati, Ohio. (m) Ginkgo de Cleo Easton aka Eli
  90. Lynn – Michigan (f) Ginkgo de Cleo Ellis aka Ellie
  91. Molenda Family – Minnesota (f) Ginkgo de Cleo Esmeralda aka Ezzie
  92. Eva and John – New York (m) Ginkgo de Isis Fenway aka Indi
  93. Miller family – Minnesota (f) Ginkgo de Isis Felicity aka Piper
  94. Hanssens Family – Pennsylvania (m) Ginkgo de Isis Fulton aka Finn
  95. Heckman Family – Michigan (m) Ginkgo de Isis Finn
  96. Griffen Family – North Carolina (f) Ginkgo de Isis Fae aka June
  97. Gresham Family – Zionsville, Indiana (f) Ginkgo de Isis Fiona
  98. Rich Family – Palm Beach Gardens, Florida (f) Ginkgo de Isis Flora

To add, remove or update this list, please email me. This list is kept purely for entertainment and reference purposes, it is not official and not inclusive of all Barbet living in the United States.

Fun Facts

  • Numbers:150+ in America
  • Working Hair Cut:
  • Registration Status: The Barbet in North America is eligible to register with the CKC, UKC, ARBA, and FSS within the AKC.
  • Agility: known for their quick agility, Barbet are great in various forms of Frisbee, fly ball, tracking, dock jumping/dock dogs, etc
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